MC-228-B Multi-Purpose Personal Alarm

Clip-on Style Alarm fastens to belt or over waistband for easy access. Wrist strap cord detaches with metal pin and sounds the alarm, and will not stop until the cord is re-inserted. Also flashes bright light for better visibility. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts (Walking, Hiking, Jogging, or Cycling), where hands free availability is required.

Converts to a portable alarm for dorms, rental units, and hotel rooms. No installation required ...

To detect an intruder, insert contacts between door or window and the surounding frame. When tweezers separate, the door alarm will sound.

Portable security alarms will protect your home, apartment, garage, boat, cottage or RV.


Personal Window Alarm

Approximate size 2.75 x 2.25 inches

Available in BLACK and SILVER

· Clip Style with Flashlight

· 130 Decibel Alarm

· Includes wall mountable bracket

· Instruction Sheet

  * * Battery included * *

Uses one 9V battery

Optional Switch Cord Tweezers Available

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Price: $11.99

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