Feedback Log - 7/15/2024

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2005/1/01 Street Defender Windsor neutral
We have an open forum for Customer Service - does that other guy??
2010/3/9 Nitin Jalandhar neutral
I live in India. I really liked your product and want to buy one for myself.
2010/5/21 David Gibson Toronto positive
Great product,wonderful customer service and fast delivery
2011/8/29 Ranfred Williams positive
I need an email address or telephone number to contact you
2012/3/14 Barbara Rioux Mokelumne Hill, Ca. neutral
It is unclear how order is "shipped". No way now to correct address.
2012/3/14 Street Defender Windsor. neutral
Orders are generally filled within 24 hours of receipt of payment and returned to you by MAIL.
2012/6/1 Erica Rawlings Perth - Western Australia neutral
On the 22nd May we placed an order - when can we expect to receive it, thanks
2012/7/31 Deloris Tyree Sylvania neutral
Need quote for bulk order. No phone or email contact available. Page not there.
2012/9/9 mariano shulman Rancho Palos Verdes, CA positive
I would like to have a oversea franchise of the MC-28
2012/9/9 MARIANO SHULMAN RANCHo Palos Verdes, CA neutral
Do you have a franchise oversea of the MC-28(South America)?310-xxx-xxxx
2016/2/2 Michelle McColl Thunder Bay ON Canada neutral
I want to order 100 personal alarms 1807-xxx-xxxx ext 3025 please call me
2022/5/14 Street Defender Windsor neutral
Thanks all for the heads-up re: my spelling error!
2022/6/3 Steve Nelson Springfield positive
In case you didn't realize, the word "Quanity" on your site is spelled incorrect
2022/8/16 Charley Marseille positive


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