Mini Personal Alarm

Protect People, Places and Things

MC-223 offers the latest technology in Keychain Alarms.

Multi-function personal alarm can be transformed for most uses with included components. Activate the loud 120 Decibel safety keychain by pulling the wrist cord attached to the metal trigger pin. Protect apartments, college dorms and hotel rooms against intruders with security tweezers.

Use the bright LED keychain flashlight without activating the alarm. Built-in security light provides additional safety by allowing quick entry to your home or vehicle.

Also available in BLACK and CHESTNUT ROSE.

Convert for use as Door or Window Alarm with included switch cord tweezers.

Approximate size 2.25 x 1.5 inches
Size compared with Matchbook

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Price: $9.99


With two connection points, key chain, clip, wrist strap and tweezers ... you can rearrange the connectors to suit almost any purpose.

See how to use ALARM INSTRUCTIONS page.

1. Personal Protection - Attach to keys with built in key-ring. Ideal for people at risk entering or leaving their automobiles or homes. Use the fixed connector for your keychain so the alarm and your keys stay with you in an emergency.

2. Portable Alarm - Insert tweezers into door or window to detect an intruder. When contacts separate, MC-223 will sound the alert. Protects hotel rooms, dorm rooms and balcony doors.

3. Property Guard - Attach to computer, purse, luggage or backpack using the snap buckle or O-ring. Wrist strap is attached to pull pin. Be sure to connect items to the fixed connector so the alarm stays with your property if snatched or taken.

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