New for 2008MC-383 Safety Personal Alarm

High visibility Orange MC-383 security alarms --- warn off potential assailants before you become a victim. This light weight, hands free safety device clips onto your belt or waistband, so it can be ready when needed. Personal alarm self defense is ideal for the workplace, campus or while doing other indoor/outdoor activities.

Pull the pin away from the alarm using the extra long wrist strap to sound the 120 Decibel alarm. The siren and flashing light will be activated until the pull pin is replaced.

The Test/Warn button sounds the alarm and flashes the built-in light for 3 seconds then stops.


Personal Security Alarm
Approximate size 3 x 1.75 inches
Weight 2.5 ounces (71g)

Also available:

· 120dB Personal Safety Alarm

· Light Function

· Integrated Belt Clip

· 11 inch (28cm) Wrist Strap

· Instruction Sheet included

· AAA Batteries included

2pcs - AAA Batteries installed

Price: $8.99
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