Wireless Remote Infrared Alarm

Wireless motion detector with remote control will protect entire rooms, including doors and windows. Alarm or chime will sound when someone enters the infrared protected area. Doorbell chime is great for stores, offices and restaurants. Also recommended for renters and travellers to protect hotel rooms, dorm rooms and apartments (no wiring is required).

Wireless PIR Alarm

 · Alarm 4pcs - AAA batteries required
 · Remote A23 - 12V Akaline included

· MC-634 PIR Motion Detector

· Alarm or Doorbell Chime

· Includes 2 Keychain Remotes

· Transmits up to 200 feet (60m)

· 120 Decibel Warning Alarm

· Range 20 - 30 feet (6-10m)

· Field width to 100°

Price: $34.99

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