Street Defender Personal Alarms

MC-223 Personal Alarm Instructions

This multi-function alarm can be configured for most uses with the attachments included.

With two connection points, key chain, snap hook and wrist strap ... you can rearrange your alarm to suit your needs. Be creative and set it up any way you want. The important thing is that it be with you at all times.


Personal Protection

Use the fixed connector (at the bottom) for your keychain so the alarm and your keys stay with you in an emergency.

Attach to keys with built in key-ring. If you are attacked, you can pull the pin out by the wrist strap, and throw it to the ground. Alarm sound continues as long as the pin is removed.

Ideal for people at risk entering or leaving their automobiles or homes.

Portable Alarm

Replace the wrist strap with optional Switch Cord Tweezers to protect doors and windows.

Simply insert tweezers beside the door or window so contacts remain closed. When the door or window is opened, the contacts will separate sounding the alarm.

Protects hotel rooms, dorm rooms and balcony doors.

Personal Property

Replace the key ring with the included Snap Hook to protect your property.

Attach snap hook to computer, purse, luggage or backpack, and hold on to the wrist strap attached to pull pin.

Be sure to connect items to the fixed connector so the alarm stays with your property if snatched or taken.

Running, Hiking, Jogging Protection

Replace the wrist strap with the included Snap Hook for hands-free convenience.

Attach snap hook to lanyard, belt or clothing.

Changing Batteries

Remove two screws from back cover and replace the three AG13 (or LR44) batteries.

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