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Street Defender offers Wholesale Pricing and Volume Discounts to Businesses and Organizations buying personal alarms. Starting with free shipping on orders as little as $50.00 up to 40%, 50% or even 60% off retail prices.

To request a price quote, please email and we will respond within 1 business day. Let us know which personal safety products you want and in what quantity. We will get back to you with the best possible discounts.

Personal Alarm Sampler

Keychain Alarm Sampler

Personal Safety Alarms

Multi-pack four different alarms for easy comparison. Contents --- Keychain, Multi Purpose, Handbag and Back Clip alarms. NOTE: Colors may vary depending on current inventory levels.

Personal Protection Sampler ..... $31.99

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With our attention to detail, we continue to serve our partners before, during and after a sale. All of our products are subject to 100 per cent inspection and testing for defects prior to shipping.

You can expect quality products and professional service --- we take pride in our business relationships.

Shipping and Handling

The shipping costs for wholesale personal alarms are based on the actual shipping costs. Rates are based on weight, distance and method selected.

Security Alarm Sampler

Security Alarm Samples

Personal Security Alarms

Multi-pack four different alarms that can be used to protect people, places, and things with interchangeable accessories. Promote your company and show you care, add your company logo or message.

Personal Security Sampler ..... $31.99

Still not sure which personal alarm is best for you?

Who are our wholesale customers?

We are a hotel with over 400 rooms and are hoping to have this for our staff as a safety precaution.

I have a Personal Protection business teaching self defense and I get inquiries from the elderly, disabled, and parents with small children. These alarms would suit my situation best.

I am interested in ordering one of your personal alarms to sell in our retail running specialty store.

We would like to purchase the MC-363 in yellow for our organization. We are a 200 bed hospital facility in ...

We are an inner-city grocery store that is a neighborhood that has been experiencing a number of attacks on both women and men.

We are looking to purchase one of these products for our students and need prices for each number of units.

We are interested in offering personal alarms to our Security Company customers ...

I am interested in your MC-223 alarms for a fundraising catalog we are putting together.

We are a small but growing close-knit community in South Florida, undergoing a bit of a crisis with security issues. I would appreciate any assistance and consideration in offering reasonable pricing for community-wide distribution.

I run a Self-defence Academy and i am looking for a supplier of alarms as well as other self-defence products.

I would like to purchase hand alarms to sell in the gift shops. We have 8 Facilities and 7 of the facilities have gift shops.

We would like to supply every child in our school with one.

With all the violent crimes that have been occurring around the University campus. My group is starting a business that promotes personal security to students.

I would like to know more about your wholesaler discounts for a retail hardware store.

The main purpose is for defense against vicious street dogs.

We would are considering an order of MC-378 Personal Security Alarms to have on hand, so we can give them to our Hospital and Clinic staff as they request them.

We are a state agency and have ordered security alarms from Streetdefender ...

The alarms would compliment the Self Defence Courses that we hold very nicely ...

We are a not-for-profit organization who serves the senior adult population ...

We just had a confrontation management meeting with one of our local police officers this morning and he mentioned this product. We have approximately 250-300 Credit Union employees.

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