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The fastest growing segment in the self defense industry today ...

Matchbook Alarms ---
Our Most Popular Personal Alarm

Personal Safety Alarm MC-223 Keychain Alarm
A very small 2.25 x 1.5 inches with our loudest 120 Decibel alert! Multi-function personal alarm, can be used to protect people, places, and things.
Available in SILVER and BLACK.

Optional Accessories: Door & Window Cord, Driver Alert Attachment.

Best Value! . . . . . $9.99

What is a personal security alarm?

Personal protection alarms are convenient to carry, and extremely loud (usually 120 decibels or more), giving you the attention drawing capability you need, when it matters most.

Small enough to fit into the hands of women and children, yet the ear splitting high pitched sound a personal emergency alarm emits, is very uncomfortable to listen to for even a few seconds.

Key Ring Alarm with Flashlight!

Key Ring Alarm MC-331 Alarm with Flashlight
Our latest key ring alarm features a bright LED flashlight.

Includes two different connectors to keep your alarm close at hand. The most important factor for your personal safety.

Available in BLACK..... $8.99

The safest and most effective method of self protection.

While other personal protection devices have helped some people, they can also be taken away and used against you.

Personal Defense Alarms CANNOT be used against you like offensive weapons, requires NO training or permits, and can be used by ANYONE regardless of physical condition or age.

Thumb Alarms --- The Latest Technology!

Ultra Mini Keychain Alarm The MC-103 Ultra Mini Keychain Alarm
Our newest alarm is hardly bigger than the tip of your thumb, yet it has the loudest alarm available in it's class.

Small as it is, this 120 dB alarm is packed with all the best features like a bright flashlight, snap hook, and wrist strap.

Approximate size 1.5 x .75 x .5 inches

Available in BLACK..... $7.99

Carry a personal defence alarm with you wherever you go.

Portable Safety Alarms are legal to carry everywhere (even on airplanes) and so simple to use. Protect yourself at school, in the workplace, and when travelling. Protect your loved ones including the very young, and the very old.

Personal alarms are the first line of defense for your safety and self protection. Personal Safety Devices should not escalate an already dangerous situation and not every situation requires lethal force.

Best protection for shift workers, in parking garages and underground parking structures.

Many people enjoy sports like hiking, running, or cycling, but these activities can leave you isolated and vulnerable. If you feel threatened or need emergency assistance, simply activate the alarm.

The piercing sound of personal security alarms can even be used to ward off vicious dogs or wild animals.

Small Oval Safety Alarm

Personal Alarms for Seniors MC-231 Keychain Alarm with Lanyard
A lightweight 120dB keychain alarm designed to get attention. Protect yourself and your belongings.

Designed for enhanced personal safety at every age and ability. Great gifts for seniors, the physically challenged, and their caregivers.

Approximate size: 2½ x 1½ x ¾, Weight 1 ounce (30g)

Available in BLACK ........... $7.99

Endorsed by Police and Security organizations around the world.

Investigations have shown that victims are usually too traumatized to shout for help in unfamiliar and dangerous situations, increasing their vulnerability.

Police Officers, Campus Safety and Security Consultants recommend the use of personal safety alarms. The high pitch sound could scare off an assailant by surprising them, and will attract the attention of others in the area.

Criminals do not like to draw attention, and will likely run off when they realize the alarm cannot be stopped.

While the chances of being attacked remains extremely unlikely there is no doubt that personal alarms have proven their worth when individuals have been accosted.

Going Green with Enviro Series Keychain Alarm

Keychain Alarm MC-28 Slim Personal Alarms
Energy efficient design uses just two button cell batteries, without giving up on volume. Includes Mercury free, Cadmium free L1154H green cells to minimize the impact on the environment.

Approximate size: 2½ x 1⅝ x ⅝ inches

Available in BLACK EARTH . . . . . . . $9.99

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