Personal Protection Sampler

Our Most Popular Alarms

Electronic personal alarms have a variety of useful features, and the need often depends on the individual's circumstances.

It is important to keep your personal alarm close at hand. Planning ahead will help you to think more clearly in an emergency situation, and it is the best way to ensure your safety. Convenience is the single most important factor when choosing your alarm!

Personal Alarm Multi-Pack with four different 120 db alarms includes a selection of the most popular styles available.

* * Batteries included * *

Price: $31.99

Personal Safety Alarms Multi-Pack

MC-103 Ultra Mini Keychain

Small as it is, the 120 dB MC-103 is packed with all the best features like a bright flashlight, levered hook, and wrist strap.

MC-231 Keychain

With the long strap, keychain clip, and two connection points ... you can use your alarm for many purposes.

MC-28 Slim Keychain Alarm

Energy efficient design uses just two button cell batteries, without giving up loud volume.

MC-223 Multi-Purpose

Multi-function personal alarm can be transformed for most uses with optional components.

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