Personal Safety Alarm with Cord

Protect People, Places and Things

Protect yourself, your purse, and other belongings. Handy for active people on the go. Lanyard keeps your alarm ready, when it is needed most. The Flat Oval shape makes the MC-231 suitable for elderly or disabled patients at risk of falling from bed or chair.

Available colors: BLACK


See MC-231 INSTRUCTIONS page for details on how to use.

Approximate size 2.5 x 1.5 inches

See other accessories on our PERSONAL ALARM ACCESSORIES page.

Price: $7.99


With the long strap, keychain clip, and two connection points ... you can use your alarm for many purposes.

1. People - Attach your keys using the built in key-clip. The the alarm and your keys stay with you in an emergency.

Elderly - Attach the lanyard string to sleeve or gown, and clip the the other end to bed or chair. Alert sounds with a pull of the cord when patient rises.

Children - When activated, the pin will not get lost when attached to the cord.

2. Things - Attach to computer, purse, luggage or backpack using the included key clip. Hold the long cord that is attached to pull pin. Be sure to connect items to the fixed connector so the alarm stays with your property if snatched or taken.

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