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* Little Rock Police Department
The mission of the Police Department is to provide the citizens of Little Rock, Arkansas with a law enforcement system that effectively integrates and utilizes Departmental, civic and community resources to protect life and property, preserve law and order and enforce State Laws and City Ordinances within the framework of the Constitution.

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* Sherwood Police Department
The Sherwood Police Department will provide the highest quality of police services with prompt response and community involvement. We pledge to help enhance the safety and quality of life in our city while holding ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

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Mountain View Police Department
The Mountain View Police Force consists of an elected chief of police and six officers who patrol the city 24 hours a day. Our Mission is to keep the public safe and to protect our community from crime.

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* Eureka Springs Police Department
The patrol officer is the backbone of any department. They are the eyes and ears of law enforcement and usually the first officer that most people come into contact with. The patrol officer is responsible for the prevention of crime, the safety of the community and the well being of our city. Our patrol division is made up of eight officers.

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* Haskell Police Department
At this time, Haskell has 5 full-time officers. Haskell is also patrolled by the Saline County Sheriff's office and the Arkansas State Police.

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