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* Winnipeg Police Service
The Winnipeg Police Service has a proud history of serving the citizens of Winnipeg since 1874. Our membership reflects the diversity of the city’s population, and we are proud to serve in this city of diversity and culture.

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* Vancouver Police Department
Our vision is to make Vancouver the safest major city in Canada. Our focus continues to be providing our citizens with a Beyond the Call level of service. We are always looking at new methods to provide more effective levels of service and enacting innovative strategies to enhance the public’s safety. One of those strategies, approved by the Police Board, involves complementing our direct service by advocating for legislative and social changes where we see an opportunity to achieve a greater impact on reducing the problems.

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* Calgary Police Service
The Calgary Police Service, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is made up of more than 1,600 police officers and 855 civilian members. In concert with other agencies and the citizens of Calgary, the Calgary Police Service strives to preserve the quality of life in our community by maintaining Calgary as a safe place to live, work and visit.

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* Durham Regional Police Service
We ensure public safety by delivering excellent police service. We proudly work with all members of our community, and hold ourselves accountable to improved effectiveness in everything we do. We proactively address future challenges, while upholding our values.

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* Windsor Police Service
The Windsor Police Service together with the assistance of several community committees, have developed a brochure "A Guide to Police Practices". This guide will inform you about police procedures, suggested conduct when interacting with the police, and community resources and services. Windsor Ontario is Canada's southernmost city, located on the busiest international border crossing between Canada and the United States.

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* Thunder Bay Police Service
Located at the head of the St. Lawrence Seaway, on the shores of Lake Superior, Thunder Bay is served by a modern police service comprised of 222 sworn police officers and 92 civilian members. I encourage you to review the many resource documents made available. Our aim is be as open and transparent as possible to our community in order that you can better understand the complicated business of policing.

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* Regina Police Service
Throughout all of our work, we have endeavoured to build in sustainability, transparency and solid fiscal management. We have, and will continue to have, a focus on professionalism and ethical conduct. We know that to accomplish change we have to set specific goals and monitor our progress. Our planning involves our employees, our partners, and our community.

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