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* Powder Springs Police Department
The members of the Powder Springs Police Department, are committed to providing the highest quality of police services to the community while at the same time maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity. Our primary mission is to maintain social order within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits, while providing professional law enforcement services to all.

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* Macon Police Department
The Macon Police Department is committed to fairness, compassion and excellence; providing police services in accordance with the law, while being sensitive to the needs of the public we serve. We are truly committed to community partnerships through which we can address crime and public safety concerns. The City of Macon is located in the geographical center of the State of Georgia, occupying sixty (60) square miles of real estate with a population of just under 100,000.

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* Winder Police Department
The Winder Police Department is a modern, 47-member department, which is led by Chief Stanley Rodgers. The men and women of the department are dedicated to the best service that can be offered to our community, while setting an example for others to follow. During 2002, our officers patrolled over 300,000 miles and responded to over 14,000 calls for police services. Officers completed over 4,000 written reports, investigated over 800 motor vehicle accidents, and conducted over 7,000 traffic checks.

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* Tifton Police Department
The future of Tifton looks bright with growth and progress. We in the Police Department are at the forefront and will do everything needed to make Tifton a safe place for our citizens and visitors. The Tifton Police Department operates under a community policing and problem solving philosophy. Our citizens are our best resource when it comes to controlling crime. The Tifton Police Department consists of 51 full-time, sworn men and women and 10 civilian personnel allowing the capability to provide our city with the best possible safety.

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* Jefferson Police Department
The Mission of the Jefferson Police Department is to improve the quality of life for all citizens by partnering with the community in the protection of lives, property and maintaining social order; enforcement of all Federal, State and Local Laws and Ordinances; and the safeguard of all Civil Rights granted to us by the United States Constitution.

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* DeKalb County Police Department
The DeKalb County Police Department is committed to keeping citizens safe and improving the quality of life for all residents in DeKalb County. In order to effectively achieve these goals, the department has outlined the essential tools needed in a "Road to Success Action Plan." The plan encompasses a number of strategies that will enhance the department’s service to our community for the next decade.

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* East Point Police Department
Welcome to the official East Point Police Department Home Page. Here you will find an overview of our department's services and information on public safety programs within the City of East Point, Georgia. The East Point Police Department is proud to have earned state certification from the Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition, and has been "Establishing A Safe And Secure Community By Protecting And Serving With Honor" since 1908.

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* Alpharetta Police Department
The Alpharetta Police Department is a modern, progressive law enforcement agency providing a full array of services to our community. Our philosophy is very interactive and is founded on the premise of participation with the community and their participation with us. Through teamwork and in the spirit of participation, the Department will be responsive to our citizen’s needs with professional, dedicated service.

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* Muscogee County Sheriff's Office
The Muscogee County Sheriff's Office is a full service law enforcement agency with over 350 sworn Deputy Sheriffs and Support Personnel who provide a broad range of public safety services to citizens throughout Muscogee County. The Sheriff is a constitutional officer and the chief law enforcement officer of the county. The Sheriff is an officer of the Superior and State Courts and is responsible for the management of the county jail.

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* Holly Springs Police Department
The Holly Springs Police Department is a full service state accredited police agency. The department is made up of the command staff, sworn officers and civilian staff. The Police Chief manages the department and is assisted by a Captain. The department manages police administrative services to include internal affairs, administration, and training along with field operations to include criminal investigations, uniform patrol, K9 unit, community policing programs, and a Police Explorer program.

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