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* Southfield Police Department
We are committed to a professional approach to law enforcement and supporting the needs of our community. We shall strive to make our department exceptionally deserving of the trust and confidence of the community through community-oriented policing, continual comprehensive training, and by selection and retention of quality personnel who will best represent the police profession.

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* Lansing Police Department
The Lansing Police Department is dedicated to and a leader in Community Policing and Problem Solving. We continually strive to work closely with Lansing's Communities and Neighborhoods through our ongoing problem solving initiatives. The Lansing Police Department is comprised of approximately 344 employees: 250 Sworn Officers and 94 Civilians. We serve the Lansing Community of 119,128 residents covering about 33 square miles.

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* Detroit Police Department
Founded in 1865, we have a long tradition of serving the community. Our mission is to set new standards of excellence in policing through integrity, innovation, and training. We have a staff of (over 3,600) dedicated men and women who thrive on the excitement of law enforcement and find public service rewarding. The department has a unique relationship with the community and there is a heavy emphasis on crime prevention.

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* Owosso Police Department
The Owosso Police Department has been entrusted with the duties and responsibilities of preserving, protecting and defending the public and its property, maintaining social order; and providing essential services to its citizenry. The Owosso Police shall provide leadership, coordination and the delivery of law enforcement services for the safety and protection of all the citizens, their Constitutional Rights and their property.

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* Sault Ste. Marie Police Department
The Sault Ste. Marie Police Department working with the community to reduce crime, protect individual rights and improve the quality of life for all citizens. The Sault Ste. Marie Police Department is committed to the advancement of the community police concept. The department staff is well trained and dedicated to providing a safe community for our city residents as well as visitors.

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* Mason Police Department
The City of Mason is a small community which has experienced phenomenal residential and business growth in recent years. To meet the challenges of this growth, the Mason Police Department has taken a proactive approach in providing police services to the community. We have reached out to collaborate with community members, groups and organizations to anticipate and problem solve issues which may be a threat to our quality of life and security. In other words, our own style of Community Policing.

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