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* Wilmington Police Department
THE DEPARTMENT OF POLICE is authorized to deploy up to 289 officers in motor vehicles, on foot, and on bicycle in order to protect and serve the citizens of the city.

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* Delaware State Police
The Delaware State Police Community Services Section continued its mission to develop cooperative relationships with members of the community, organizations and businesses. A variety of programming was presented based on the needs of the communities and businesses of Delaware. The following topics were presented to community members: law enforcement careers, drug awareness, fraud, safe computing, and personal safety.

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* Ocean View Police Department
The Ocean View Police Department has set forth an aggressive agenda for increasing the quality of protection and community service we provide to our residents, guests and business owners. As always, we seek to improve upon our track record of quality and integrity to ensure that the public receives the highest value for their investment in our police officers and our organization. We are continually working to build a strong foundation for a community that we can all be proud to be a part of, now and in the years ahead.

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* Newark Police Department
The Newark Police Department is responsible for protecting the lives, homes, and properties of Newark residents. The Police Department's force of 60 sworn officers and 21 civilian employees is dedicated to serving all citizens by responding to calls for service, enforcing state and local laws, conducting preventive patrol activities, performing criminal investigations, promoting traffic safety, and apprehending offenders.

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