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* Cheyenne Police Department
The Cheyenne Police Department is a progressive agency of 105 sworn officers and 27 civilian employees.The department works to serve the community with many innovative programs and specialized units in which officers can participate. We provide the highest level of protection and service to the community of Cheyenne, through partnership with its citizens, and to provide that protection and service in a professional, ethical, honest and timely manner.

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* Casper Police Department
The Casper Police Department involves itself with a community of nearly 50,000 citizens and has an authorized sworn strength of 91 police officers. All members of the Casper Police Department are committed to providing progressive and professional police services that enhance the quality of life in our community.

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* Torrington Police Department
The mission of the Torrington Police Department is two fold: To enhance the quality of life in the community by protecting life and property, maintaining order and providing a range of general and emergency services. To enhance the quality of life in the work place through equitable treatment, job enrichment and promotion of a sense of self worth in all employees.

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* Laramie Police Department
It is our mission to provide law enforcement and public safety services at the highest professional level with service delivery standards that are beyond reproach. We shall combat crime, and work to constantly improve the quality of life for the citizens of Laramie. We shall accomplish this through organizational transparency to the community, responsiveness, enforcement, education and problem solving partnerships.

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* Jackson Police Department
The mission of the Jackson Police Department is to support the Town of Jackson by contributing to a viable community while providing for the safety and security of citizens, visitors, employees, and property. We will accomplish this by building partnerships with others, by maintaining the public trust, and by furnishing the finest police services our community will support.

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* Buffalo Wyoming Police Department
We are a small town nestled at the base of the BigHorn Mountains. This area is abundant with wildlife, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, skiing and almost any outdoor activity you can think of. Buffalo has only three street lights, so there's not alot to slow you down on your short drive to the mountains.

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* Cody Police Department
The Cody Police Department consists of 12 Patrol Officers, two Detectives, Canine Officer, School Resource Officer, Community Service Officer, two Administrative Personnel, Assistant Police Chief, and Police Chief – men and women dedicated and committed to meeting service demands and providing a safe environment for the citizens of Cody. It is the mission of the Cody Police Department, in partnership with every citizen, to prevent crime, maintain order and promote a safe environment through problem solving, impartial application of the law and the promotion of trust and mutual respect within our community.

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