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* Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is committed to protecting the people, their property and rights, while providing the best public safety and services in partnership with our community. That commitment and dedication extends to the nearly 40 million visitors that Las Vegas plays host to each year. Learn how to prevent crime in and around your home, protecting your family and possessions from unwanted intruders and vandals.

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* Mesquite Police Department
The mission of the Mesquite Police Department is to consistently earn the public’s trust by contributing to Mesquite’s nationwide reputation as a safe, economically viable place to live, work, learn, play and visit. We accomplish our mission by providing the highest quality law enforcement, corrections, and support services possible within the resources provided to us.

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* Boulder City Police Department
The Police Department recognizes its responsibility to work with the citizens of Boulder city to maintain a safe, orderly community, while affording dignity and respect to every individual. The objective of the Police Department is to improve the quality of life and enhance the spirit of the community through personalized services, citizen involvement, planning for the future and a commitment to timely action.

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* Carson City Sheriff's Office
The Carson City Sheriff's Office is committed to providing the highest level of law enforcement service to the citizens and visitors of our community, while continuously adhering to professional law enforcement ethical standards. Carson City is unique in its government formation as a consolidated municipality. Therefore, the Sheriff’s Office performs all of the functions and responsibilities of any defined local police department.

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* Reno Police Department
We are committed to partner with our community to create a safe city by providing the highest level of police services. The Reno Police Department is nationally recognized as a model for Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving. Please take a few minutes to learn more about the RPD from our website. You will find our employees are dedicated to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

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* Yerington Police Department
The mission of every employee in this department is to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to citizens in the City of Yerington. This mission represents the commitment of this administration to the concepts of quality performance management. In other words, employees are expected to work consistently in a quality manner in the daily performance of those duties, job responsibilities and work tasks associated with this mission.

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