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* Kennewick Police Department
All police units and personnel operate under a unified Mission Statement, Committed to your Safety. We also recognize prevention of crime and disorders are our first priority. The Kennewick Police Department is a full service police agency committed to identifying and resolving community problems in the interest of promoting individual safety and a high quality of life. The Department is committed to a proactive partnership with our citizens as well as public and private entities with interlocking missions.

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* Spokane Police Department
Welcome to the Spokane Police Department! Our goal is to build quality partnerships with our community members to find innovative solutions to chronic neighborhood problems in order to enhance quality of life for the citizens who live and work in these areas. We believe establishing a Neighborhood Policing Plan will help us better accomplish our goal of keeping the citizens of Spokane safe.

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* Toppenish Police Department
The mission of the Toppenish Police Department is to maintain and improve community relations by working with all citizens, to educate, to protect life and property, to maintain order, and promote individual responsibility and commitment

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* Seattle Police Department
Seattle Police Department Mission: Prevent Crime, Enforce the Law & Support Quality Public Safety by Delivering Respectful, Professional, & Dependable Police Services. Use best practices, including officer safety and performance-based accountability, to provide progressive and responsive police services to crime victims, witnesses, and all members of the community.

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* Westport Police Department
Among the earliest structures built at Westport, the Westport Lighthouse, dedicated on April 14, 1898, still stands as a majestic beacon for weary mariners anxious to return home from the sea. The City of Westport was incorporated on June 26, 1914. Today, Westport with a population of 2056 still relies on fishing, shellfish harvesting, seafood processing and tourism for much of its livelihood. More recently, boat building has also become an important part of Westport's economic base.

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* Tacoma Police Department
Learn more about the Department's organization, our services, our citizens programs, community partnerships, citizen self service, crime statistics, community partnerships, employment and much more. The Tacoma Police Department employs 381 commissioned officers and 39 civilian employees. As you explore our site, it is our hope that you become increasingly aware of the services and information available to you from the Tacoma Police Department.

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