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* Preston Police Department
It is the mission of the Preston Police Department to improve the quality of life in the communities that we serve by utilizing a community oriented policing concept. We are always looking to enhance public safety by working in partnership with the communities to deliver law enforcement and related services that focus on common sense and innovative methods to preserve the peace, safeguard lives and property, and minimize the fear of crime. We strive to keep public trust by holding ourselves to a higher standard of pride as law enforcement officers, professionalism in how we conduct ourselves and dedication to the people who we serve.

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* Madrid Police Department
Madrid has had a police department almost since its incorporation as a mining town in 1883. In the 120 years since, the Madrid Police Department has become a progressive department with many of the same technological advances as any major city. The department employs four full-time, two part-time and four reserve officers. Each officer is responsible for additional duties such as crime prevention, traffic liaison and criminal investigator. The department also has it's own D.A.R.E.®

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* Huxley Police Department
You will find that the Huxley Police Departments employees are dedicated, well trained and work very hard to provide a safe environment for people to live and work in. That is very evident as most people that travel through and in town can most often see a police car somewhere. Our Police Officers go above the call of duty most of the time when it comes to helping or assisting people in many different ways.

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* Des Moines Police Department
The Des Moines Police Department was created in 1869. Today, the Des Moines Police Department serves a population of 192,000. It is the largest police department in the state with approximately 382 sworn officers and 126 civilian support staff. Community Policing programs have proven to be effective in empowering neighborhoods otherwise infected with high levels of crime. Citizens and police officers together find solutions to crime problems and conditions that affect the neighborhood.

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* Johnston Police Department
The Johnston Police Department is comprised of sixteen officers, three sergeants, a lieutnenant, the Chief of Police, an administrative assistant, and a records clerk. Every individual in the department is committed to the highest policing standards for both themselves and the community. Our department continually strives to serve the members of the Johnston community through community based policing events such as DARE, child safety seat inspections, Safety Town, and KID PIX.

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* Mason City Police Department
The police department has an authorized full-time staff of 49 police officers, one utility person, one evidence technician, one records clerk, one parking enforcement person and one administrative assistant. There are additional part-time employees assigned to records and school crossings. The department is authorized to have up to 20 police reserve officers, who have full arrest authority.

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